We offer beach changing rooms, which are an ideal solution for all types beaches – regardless of whether they are by the lake, sea or outdoor swimming pool.

Our products join a stable and strong construction with the ease of assembly and disassembly. Their light weight helps to place them in any terrain. With the help of 5 mounting points the changing room can be fixed to any surface. On special order it is also possible to retrofit the changing room on a concrete base, which will be effective in virtually any environment.


The cabin is made out of polyester-glass laminate, which is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. The curtains are made of special fabric resistant to tearing. The changing room can be produced in any RAL colour, therefore the product will match the surrounding environment.

Presented attributes contribute to the conclusion that our changing room has a very long lifespan, with no need of maintenance.

Another advantage of our product is the ability to place advertisements on the surface of 1.60×0.65 meters!